Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage doors torsion spring are very heavy, and a broken spring can result in untold injury and harm to you and your family. That’s is why it’s pertinent you immediately call for garage services the moment you notice a broken spring.
You can resolve this issue fast if you notice one or all these signs, garage door not opening or opening halfway, garage door making loud strange sounds, garage door springs that have lasted for more than four years. You can also inspect your springs for damage as it’s usually clear to the naked eye.

Repairing A Broken Spring

Repairing of broken springs can be very tricky. This is because when the garage door spring breaks the door has either already closed or come down. The garage doors springs are working under a lot of pressure. And as such are prone to snapping if the load becomes too heavy to bear. Fixing this issue requires skill, knowledge, and experience. So it’s not advisable for you to attempt this repair on your own. This is a job reserved for our professionals. Who with their unending patience can troubleshoot and fix the problems.
You can get these professional hands for your torsion spring, installation or repair at Markham garage door.
We offer you quality products and hands to ensure your safety. Our excellent technicians are among some of the very best in the field. And we do everything possible to provide you with excellent work.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs aren’t made to last forever, but they should last for a few weeks or months. Do you have a broken torsion spring? Contact us and our team of experienced technicians will fix the problem for you. By calling us, you will enjoy from our years of experience in garage door service and repairs. we have technicians who are well trained and can handle any problem with your broken garage door spring. Thus we get trained and equipped to help you out of your problem.

We guarantee

 That our torsion springs are of the best durability and quality. As such, we offer lifetime warranties when you use our garage door spring and request our services. Our guarantee covers all labor charges for replacing and adjusting door springs. We do not only value your business but also care for your garage door spring needs for a lifetime.

Garage door springs

 Garage door springs are usually the first to break among the many components of your garage door. It is a must to take note of the lifespan of your door torsion spring and watch your use because your spring can get affected by how often you misuse it. It is also important to know that broken door springs can render your entire garage door useless, this will bring a lot of inconveniences and would cause accidents.

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 Do not hesitate to call us to repair or replace your broken torsion spring; you will never experience a bill shock because we provide our customers with only the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. Our clients have been our top priority, and that is why we always strive to maintain efficiency and reliability in our services. You can trust that our work’s done with quality because we are licensed, insured and bonded. Experience our service now, contact us and take advantage of our free estimates, deals and discounts and the lifetime warranties we offer.